A History of Bruce Beach/Preface

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Shortly after the Bruce Beach Historical Society was formed in the Fall of 1981, I was having lunch with a friend. When asked why I had given up curling that year, one of the two or three reasons I mentioned was my interest in publishing history of Bruce Beach, where my family had been spending their summers for more than sixty years. "How fortunate you are to have such roots", replied my friend.

Many times a year I say silent prayers of thanks for the many joys I shared with my parents, my brother and my sisters, but especially with my own family while vacationing at Bruce Beach. I therefore dedicate this book to my wife, Joan, my son, Brian and my daughters, Dawn, Laurie and Ruth.

I wish to thank Louise Currie (No. 124) and Barbara Metherell (No. 1A) for their special efforts in encouraging other cottagers to submit material, as well as those who took time and trouble to write histories of their own cottages which will have to be kept for future historians. I also am indebted to my friend Laura Smith who typed the original manuscript so perfectly.

Recognition must go to the late Borden Spears (No. 46) who coordinated the original material and was responsible for the layout of this book. Regrettably, he did not live to see his work completed.

Ian MacEachern (No. 41) June, 1983