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History of the Tennis Club

THE Bruce Beach Tennis Club had its inception in 1914 as a subsidiary to the Golf Club. In that year the Golf Club took action to 'organize a Tennis Club, and after looking over the grounds decided to prepare and layout two courts on Me Steve Tout's property and Mr. McKerroll was instructed to interview Mr. Tout and report to the secretary.

Two courts were laid out. One near the centre of Mr. Tout's property, and one at the south end, near the present stile over the wire fence, but though much work was put on the latter it was never used.

This centre court was in use for many years but as the population extended north the need for more courts was felt and in 1920 the Bruce Beach Association appointed a committee in each Division to look the situation over with a view to having a court in each Division.

Accordingly a clay court was prepared in Division I near the road north of the pump. This one, never satisfactory, functioned until 1926 When two cinder courts were prepared at the top of the hill on the property of the McCosh Grove Limited. and the former court reserved, ?-t the request of the Tennis Club, for a future Badminton Court. The Courts on the hill were a popular playing ground until 1934, In 1926 the court in Division II was abandoned on account of the wet condition of the ground and the damage dope to it by the Roods of that spring. and the players of Division II united with Division 1, and moved up to its courts. In 1934 Divisions I and II decided to abandon their courts on the hill, and move back to their former court beside the Club House. They had the ground re-surveyed. and a contract let for a tarvia court which was to be constructed and ready for operation in 1935. This contract was fulfilled and the court ready at the opening of the holiday season, and it has been a popular 'place for tennis activities ever since.

Division III laid out their first court (grass) in ] 922 in Mr. Pollock's field, at the foot of the 8th concession hill.

In 1924 they moved across the road into Me. \'t:l. J. Cameron's field, and prepared a clay court there. This spot proved to be quite a community centre. It was directly behind Dr. McLean's cottage, and the ladies of the vicinity often brought the vegetables for dinner, and prepared them while they watched the game. A community picnic was held here each year. But the water coming down the hill in the spring did much damage to the court, and it was found difficult to keep it in playing condition.

In August 1928 a meeting of the cottage-owners was held in Mr. ]. E. Robertson's cottage, and it was decided to abandon the court on the W. J. Cameron property. and build a court of a more permanent nature elsewhere. A committee was appointed to look up a suitable site. The Committee decided on a piece of land at the foot of Mr. Hugh Cameron's hill.

Mr. Webster and Mr, Wilson made a canvas of the cottage-owners, in the Division, for sustaining members and procured seventeen sustaining members at $10.00 a piece. An acre of land was purchased from Mr. Cameron for S100.00.

It was decided to build a cement court, and Mr. Webster and Rev. D. G. Paton were appointed to supervise the construction work, which cost $315.35.

The court was officially opened on August 13th. 1929 by Mr. T. L. Hamilton, President of the Bruce Beach Association, who congratulated the residents of Division III on their energy and enterprise. This community dub was free of debt on August, 1931.

The Tennis fans of Division III feel that they have the best court on the Beach.

Division IV is the latest addition to Bruce Beach sports colony. Two or three cottages comprised the group north of the eighth concession until about 1923. but since that time the growth has been steady.

As the number of cottages increased it became financially possible to begin definitely to arrange for sports in this division. Land was rented from Mr. Hugh Cameron, and space was cleaned and levelled for two courts by the "sweated" labour of the hardy pioneers of that day. At first a clay surface was used, but during recent years, with the population of the division rapidly increasing, a great deal has been done to improve the situation and now in 1937 two very fine surfaced courts are available. Each year the playing surface has been treated and improved. and it is now difficult to accommodate the players of all ages who seek to indulge in this very fine form of recreation. The 1937 Tournament was held on these courts.