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History of the Men's Glee Club

The Men's Club, as an organization, did nut come into existence until 1920. The annual Concerts were not an integral part 6f Bruce Beach life until the outbreak of the war in 1914.

Previous to that date, generally once during the season, the Cottagers met on some part of the shure, usually around a bonfire, and held an impromptu entertainment, consisting of songs, speeches, with an occasional musical number, but in 1914 it took on more of the form it now possesses, though with no organized committees to look after its arrangements, In 1917 '18 and '19, previous to the concerts, Rev. W. A. Bradley invited a number of men to his cottage where stirring college glees were practised to be sung at the Concert. These were taken from the University of Toronto College 'Song Book compiled in 1886.

In 1920 be proposed that the singers form themselves into an organization, to be known as the Bmce Beach Glee Club. The suggestion was agreed to and he was chosen as the first leader. Until her marriage in 1928. Miss Mildred Bradley was their accompanist, for a number of years upon the Mandolin, and, after the purchase of an Organ by the Association, upon that instrument. The concerts were held upon the McCosh flats. At first near the turn of the road going up the hill, but later the place of meeting was near the present No. 2 golf green. There were no seats in those days, the audience sat on the grass. At the latter place they sat ·in rows on the hillside. This gave them a good view of the stage. Autos with their headlights turned on, were arranged in a semi-circle around the stage, and from these light was given for the performances.

When seating was procured for the Church Services, the concert was moved to Tout's grove, where it continues to be held.

Light there is furnished by gasoline lanterns, provided by the cottagers. These are suspended from a wire stretched across the stage.

Subsequent leaders of the Club have been: In 1922 and Rev. R. G. McKay; in 1924, '25 and '26, Rev. Dr. W. H. Sedgewick; in 1927 and '28, Rev. G. S. Lloyd; in 1929, Rev. D. G. Paton; in 1930, Rev. R. G. McKay, in 1931, Rev. W. A. Bradley, in 1932, Dr. Gerald Wilson.